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Free Visual Alignment Checks

Proper wheel alignment and driving safety go hand-in-hand. We offer visual inspections at no cost to look for potential wheel alignment problems. Your vehicle should have one every year — more often, in some circumstances.

When Should You Get Your Alignment Checked?

Misalignment can be caused by impacts or worn suspension parts or front-end components. You should get an alignment check:

  • When you buy new tires, to protect your investment
  • If your tires are wearing unevenly
  • If your vehicle drifts or pulls to one side
  • If you notice the steering wheel isn’t centered while you’re driving straight down the road
  • If it’s been a year since your last check
  • Twice a year, if your travels often take you on rough roads
  • After you hit a curb, or run over a bump, pothole, curb or debris
  • If you’ve had a fender-bender

How We Do a Visual Inspection

Correct alignment is measured in very small degrees. Before diving into the expense of putting your car on a lift and doing computer diagnostics, the first step in detecting misalignment is to look at how your tires are wearing.

A Les Schwab tire tech will assess any uneven tread wear. If your tires show feathered wear (the tire tread has pointed edges) it likely means they’re being dragged along rather than rolling smoothly. It’s also likely the tire toe angle is off. Toe angle is the proper, straight-ahead position of the tires. In misalignment, the tires may be pointing out or in.

If tires are wearing too fast or unevenly on the shoulders, there’s likely a problem with the camber angle of your wheel-tire set.

After the Visual Alignment Inspection

If there are strong indicators you need an alignment, the technician will walk you through the cost and whether you need a standard alignment only or if both axles need attention. A high percentage of front-wheel-drive vehicles will actually need a four-wheel alignment.

If, during the course of the job, we find your vehicle isn’t misaligned and the tire wear is due to another problem, there’s no charge.

There’s no downside to a free visual alignment inspection at Les Schwab. The checks are quick and can head off premature tire wear and stress on other parts of your vehicle, saving you money.

Stop in at any of Les Schwab Tire’s 479 stores and a technician will take care of your alignment check for you, free of charge. No appointment needed.

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