Les Schwab 70th Anniversary Promotion:
My Les Schwab Story Customer Release

By submitting my Les Schwab customer story in connection with Les Schwab’s 70th Anniversary Promotion, the customer:

  1. Acknowledges that Les Schwab often uses customer stories in its marketing materials, TV and radio advertisements, on its Facebook page, website, social media posts and internal newsletters.

  2. Grants Les Schwab permission to use customer’s story in future Les Schwab advertising and marketing campaigns (including a royalty-free right to use customer’s story for marketing purposes).

  3. Acknowledges that if Les Schwab publishes customer’s story, Les Schwab will acknowledge customer by including customer’s first name, the first initial of customer’s last name, and the city and state where customer resides.

  4. Acknowledges that granting permission to Les Schwab does not guarantee it will use or publish customer’s story submission.

  5. Confirms customer does not have any material connection to Les Schwab and has not been paid or promised any compensation of any kind by Les Schwab in exchange for customer’s story submission.