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4 Reasons Not to Drive Winter Tires Through Summer 5 Questions Any Good Tire Dealer Should Ask A Helpful Q&A Guide to Buying Tires Do I Need Snow Tires if I Have AWD? Do You Even Need a Spare Tire? Does Hitting a Pothole Damage My Tires? Guide to Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems How Do I Know if My Tires Need to be Balanced? How to Tell If You Need New Tires How to Change a Tire How to: Make Your Tires Last Longer Are Nitrogen-Filled Tires Worth the Cost? How to Avoid & Prepare for a Flat Tire on Your RV or Trailer How to Store Seasonal Tires and Wheels Performance Tire Siping Should You Replace All Four Tires on Your AWD Vehicle? Tire FAQ Tire Size Calculator: What Size Tires Should You Get? Tire Size Explained: What the Numbers Mean Tire Speed Rating and Why It Matters Tire Tread and the Useful Penny Test Can I Mix Run-Flat Tires with Standard Ones? How to Choose Snow Tires Summer Tires vs All-Season Tires: Which Are Best for You? TPMS Light Coming on in Cold Weather? Here’s Why. Want Quiet Tires? Look for These Features What are Directional Tires? What Is Rolling Resistance? When Your Flat Tire May Need to Be Replaced Why Do My Tires Squeal? Tire Rotation: It’s Preventive Care for Your Tires Three Easy Ways to Stay on Top of Tire Care Winter Driving Tips: Traction Tires & Snow Chains Trailer and Tire Do’s and Don’ts: Answers to Common Questions How To Choose the Best Tires for Your Trailer 8 Great Ways to Get the Most from Your Trailer Tires How to: Put on Snow Chains and Drive Safely How to Choose the Right Truck Tire Are All-Season Tires Okay in the Snow? Using Load Index & Load Range to Pick the Right Tires Understanding UTQG and its Limitations Replacing Just Two Tires? Install Them on the Back. Les Schwab Tech Tip: How Flat Tire Repair Works How to Choose the Best Tires for Your Crossover or SUV Run-Flat Tires: How They Work & What Sets Them Apart Winter Driving Tips: The Dangers of Using Just Two Snow Tires Choosing the Right Off-Road Tires Why Worn Tires Are Less Safe How to Install Tire Socks How to Choose the Right Car Tires Tire Ply Ratings Explained Get a Grip on Winter Chains How Long Will Your Spare Tire Last? How to Put Air in Your Tires What Does A Set of New Tires Cost? Are All-Terrain (A/T) and Mud Tires (M/T) Good in the Snow? Where to Buy Tires When to Choose All-Season or All-Weather Tires When to Use & Change to Winter Tires Benefits of Buying New Tires How to Buy: All-Terrain Tires When to Choose All-Terrain Tires or All-Weather Tires What Are All-Terrain (A/T) Tires & What Are They Used For? What Is the 3PMSF Symbol And What Does It Mean? What Are Studded Tires & When Should You Use Them How Long Do Tires Last?
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These 3 Useful Driving Tips Will Help Extend Your Brake Life A Simple Guide to Wheel Finishes Brake Servicing 101 - Advice on Making Sure it Gets Done Right Do I Really Need an Alignment? Do I Really Need Brake Service? How to De-Winterize Your RV How to Jump-Start a Car How to Tell If Your Shocks or Struts Are Bad How Your Auto Battery Works Batteries for Anything You Drive Brake Service FAQ Get the Most Out of Your RV Battery Complete Guide to Disc Brakes and Drum Brakes Shock and Strut Service and Repair FAQ Starting Problems? How to Tell If It’s the Battery or Alternator Benefits of Proper Alignment, Suspension Maintenance How to Take Your Car Out of Winter Storage: a Checklist What Do Dashboard Brake Lights Mean? What is Wheel Offset? What’s the Difference Between Aluminum and Steel Wheels? Wheel Alignment FAQ Seasonal Car Battery Care: Why and How When to Get Your Car Alignment Checked Lowering Suspension: Pros and Cons Does My Vehicle Need an Alignment? 8 Signs You Could Have Brake Problems Quick Tips to Start Your Overlanding Journey The Difference Between Tire Balancing and Alignment Why We Replace Calipers With Your Brake Service Need a New Battery? Start Here. General FAQ Winter Driving Tips: Winterize Your Vehicle Should I Get My Vehicle’s Suspension Checked? 10 Steps to Get Your RV or Trailer Ready for the Road What Are Tie Rods and When to Have Them Replaced Why Your Brakes Squeak, Squeal, and Grind Should I Replace My Shocks and Struts? It’s Not Just Hype! Lift and Leveling Kits Add Height and Heft. How to Choose a New Set of Custom Wheels How to Maintain Your Car While It Sits The Importance of Trailer Brakes and Wheel Bearings Resetting the Tire Pressure Light on Your Car What Causes Brake Lock-Up 3 Ways Load Management Can Optimize Your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity The Basics of Road-Force Balancing Understanding Camber, Caster, and Toe Wheel Size Explained The Real Reasons Your Car Battery Keeps Dying 10 Tips for Better Gas Mileage and Range 10 Tips to Keep Your Older Car Running Can I Put Smaller Tires On My Car or Truck? 10 Tips for Long Distance Driving How to Change a Flat Tire on Your RV

Community Stories
Community Stories
Les Schwab Recognized by J.D. Power for Customer Satisfaction 5 Awesome Scenic Drives Around Bakersfield, CA 6 Fall Color Day Trips Near Denver Not to Miss Aiming High in School, Work and Sports Despite Paralysis, Man Stands up to Renew Wedding Vows Dinuba High Programs Prepare Students for College, Career Dream Comes True for Lancers’ Superfan Enterprising Students Score Big With Les Schwab Parking Lot Former Foster Child Pays it Forward with Luggage Project Go-to Snack Is Also Favorite Donation Grit and Focus Power Jesuit Defensive End Hard Work and Teamwork, on the Field and Off In an Uncommon Game, Lessons to Last a Lifetime Big Wheels Plus Little Kids Equal Lots of Fun Working with FFA Student Members to Fight Hunger Hockey Fans Toss 11,000 Teddy Bears for Charity Recognizing High School Sports Excellence 17th Annual Radiothon Brings Community Together for Children’s Hospital Center for Hearing Loss Helps Youth Gain Language Skills, More Coach Takes Teams to LSI - Twice Community Joins Forces to Help Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Project Gives Youth Safe Landing RESPECT Program Pays Surprise Visit to Wilson High Rip City 3-on-3 Breaks Down Competitive Barriers Rip City 3-on-3 Features New Format, Same Community Spirit and Fun Season of Sharing Is Upon Us Setting Herself and Her Team up for Success Teammates Provide Competition and Camaraderie Three Generations and Counting Utah Mom Receives Les Schwab Award Valley Children’s Hospital: A Bright Star in Central Valley Band Plays for Les Schwab’s Tireless Teacher Through 4-H, Family Forges Bond with Community, Each Other Workshops at World of Speed Let Women Practice Car Care Hands-on Youth Ag Leader Grows Career With FFA Role Les Schwab Invitational: 20 years of Great Basketball Les Schwab is Inland Empire’s Newest Neighbor Les Schwab Proudly Contributes to the Pride of Salt Lake City Les Schwab Stores’ Generosity Makes Field Trip Possible Longmont Kiwanis Carves Toy Cars, Connections with Local Youth Military Dawgs, Dogs Bond Over Barbecues Moving From the Sidelines to the Stands Nonprofit Helps Vets ‘Continue Mission’ in Civilian Life Parent Takes Passenger Seat to Teach Son Good Driving Habits Utah’s Hogle Zoo Welcomes Polar Bears Dozer Day® a Favorite with Kids and Families in Post Falls, Idaho Kern County Fair Junior Livestock Auction is a Local Favorite Raising Awareness with Pink Fridays Community Comes Together to Provide 2,000 Thanksgiving Meals Delivering Six Pickup Loads of Food for a Local Cause Fixing a Vandalized 4-H Clubhouse Taking the Plunge for Special Olympics Classic Youth Soccer Tournament Builds Teamwork Wearing Lavender to Help Fight Cancer Magic Valley Helps Feed Those in Need Donating Books to SMART in Lane County Les Schwab Employee Runs 100-Mile Ultra Marathon Helping Build Bikes for Tikes Les Schwab Tires Concert Series Sponsorship Denver Toys for Tots Holiday Drive Colorado Springs Toys for Tots Holiday Drive