• Fixing a Vandalized 4-H Clubhouse

    By Jennifer Meeker

    Last April, as Kitsap County 4-H leaders went to open their clubhouse for the upcoming fair, they found the offices in complete disarray. The 4-H clubhouse had been broken into and vandalized beyond recognition. Even the refrigerators and microwaves had been destroyed. Because the clubhouse was used every year by 4-H participants, something had to be done quickly.

    The Poulsbo Les Schwab store manager Brett Clark heard about the vandalism and got together with other store managers across Kitsap County to make things right.

    “It was so unnecessary and so completely undeserving for these great kids to have to deal with,” Clark said of the situation. “It took no time to understand what needed to be done. Within minutes we had developed a solution for them.”

    Les Schwab is proud to sponsor 4-H in any way possible. It was an honor to provide new refrigerators, microwaves, and cleaning in time for the local fair.

  • Delivering Six Pickup Loads of Food for a Local Cause

    In an effort to end hunger, Les Schwab stores throughout Western Washington joined together to help collect non-perishable food items. Employees and customers helped collect over 5,000 pounds of food for Food Lifeline.

    The organization helps provide over 116,000 meals every year to those throughout the community.

    The food collected at Les Schwab locations filled six pickup trucks and was distributed by Food Lifeline to over 300 locations, including shelters, food banks, and meal assistance programs.

    Food Lifeline food drive display in a Les Schwab store.