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Let’s Get This Straight

Potholes and other hazards can knock wheels out of position. Regular wheel alignments help maintain a smoother ride, better gas mileage, and longer tire life.

The Benefits Add Up

Want your money to go further? Keeping your wheels aligned means keeping more money in your wallet.

  • Free Tire and Visual Alignment Check - At no cost, our technicians will look for improper wear of your tires, which could indicate wheel misalignment and/or wear of alignment-related parts.
  • Get More Miles Out of Your Tires - Wheel alignments prevent premature tire wear, which means you can go farther before needing to replace your tires.
  • Save at the Pump - Poor alignment causes tires to drag, which can decrease your fuel economy and costs you money.
  • Reduce Costly Repairs - Misaligned wheels jolt vehicle systems and cause unnecessary wear on various parts.

Decades of Wheel Alignment Expertise with Precision Technology

Wheel alignments are critical to the safety and longevity of your tires. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer full alignment services to help ensure you’re safe on the road and getting the most bang for your buck.

  • Laser alignment capabilities
  • Thousands of alignments performed each month

Come by for a free visual alignment check whenever it’s convenient—no appointment necessary.

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