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Open Country Q/T
Open Country Q/T
Every tire comes with our
Best Tire Value Promise
Including courtesy services like:
  • Free Tire Rotations
  • Free Flat Repairs
  • Free Air Checks

The Open Country Q/T is a top-of-the-line, all-season SUV/CUV touring tire with an unbeatable combination of comfort, long tread life and sure handling. The tread design features Silent Wall™ technology in the grooves—small hash marks that disrupt airflow—to reduce noise. Four wide circumferential grooves and open shoulder slits quickly shuttle out water and slush for confident traction in wet weather. The tread pattern has multiwave sipes that improve light snow traction and promote regular wear, to maintain a smooth, quiet ride as the tire wears.

The Open Country Q/T bridges the gap between refined and rugged. Made for drivers who want an outstanding driving experience, these premium tires come with a buy ‘em, try ‘em money-back guarantee. Trial them for up to 500 miles or 45 days and return them if you’re not fully satisfied for a set of replacement tires or a full refund.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior comfort: quiet, smooth ride
  • Best-in-class tread life warranty
  • Outstanding stability and handling
  • All-season traction, mud and snow designation
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back


Best Tire Value Promise and 65,000 Miles



Black Sidewall

Items1 TireSet of 4Other Companies
Open Country Q/T
Tire DisposalFreeFreeOften Charge
Flat RepairsFreeFreeSometimes Charge
Tire RotationsFreeFreeSometimes Charge
Tire-RebalancingFreeFreeSometimes Charge
Road Hazard ProtectionFreeFreeSome Limit Time (or Charge)
Air ChecksFreeFreeFree
Pre-Trip Safety ChecksFreeFreeUsually Do Not Offer
InstallationFreeFreeOften Charge
Wheel Spin Balance
Valve Stem / TPMS Rebuild Service
Federal Excise Tax
Applicable federal, state and local taxes and fees§

Best Tire Value Promise

If your Les Schwab tires are damaged by a road hazard, rest assured, our Equal Value Protection plan has you covered. If one of your tires needs to be replaced, we will give you a discount on the replacement tire based on the amount of warranty mileage remaining on the damaged tire. This way, you are only ever paying for the amount of life you get out of your tire.

And, you never have to pay extra to get Equal Value Protection. We won’t try to sell you any extra warranties or coverage certificates. That guarantee, as well as the free services you see above, are all part of our Best Tire Value Promise.

Size Chart

SizeLoad Index Speed Rating UTQG
225/55R-1999V680 A A
235/50R-1999V680 A A
235/55R-19XL105V680 A A
255/50R-20XL109V680 A A
255/55R-19XL111V680 A A
265/50R-19XL110V680 A A
275/55R-19111V680 A A

Load Index: The load index symbol indicates how much weight a tire can support. Learn More >

Speed Rating: The speed rating tells you the top speed it’s safe to travel at for a sustained amount of time. Learn More >

Load Range: The Load Range indicates the ply rating and maximum load pressure for a specified tire.

UTQG: The Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) provides a standard rating to compare tires based on tread life, traction grade, and temperature grade.

* This price is the individual tire-only price for the size indicated, not including the wheel (for display only) or any additional installation fees, packages, or any applicable taxes and fees.

** This is an estimate of our out-the-door price including tire price, installation package, and other typical fees.

Any prices shown are not quotes, an offer to sell any products, or a guarantee that tires will be in-stock or available for purchase when you visit a Les Schwab Tire Center. Actual pricing and availability may vary based on geographic location, tire size, vehicle model, and other factors. Les Schwab makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the pricing, product and application information contained on this site is accurate, however, prices and all other information shown on this site are for informational purposes only, are subject to change at any time, and may not be accurate. Please call your local Les Schwab Tire Center for up-to-date product information, pricing and availability.

Please call your local Les Schwab Tire Center for up-to-date product information, pricing and availability.

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