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Our Best Tire Value Promise

We Promise You'll Get More for Your Money

Over 1 Million Free Flat Tire Repairs Provided Annually
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At Les Schwab, every purchase of car, SUV or light truck tires comes with a world-class tire warranty that gives you more for your money.

Our Best Tire Value Promise means we stand behind the quality of our products and workmanship, and we stand by to help when you need it on the road.

  • Free lifetime tire and mileage care
  • Free Peace of Mind tire protection
  • Trusted, world-class service
  • Value-added free services

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Free Lifetime Tire and Mileage Care

There’s no reason to pay hundreds of dollars for services that maximize your tires’ safety or help you squeeze more miles out of each tire and each gallon of gas. We do it at no cost to you, for the life of every tire you buy from us.

On tires purchased from us, Les Schwab will fix repairable car and light truck flats free of charge for the life of the tires. Visit our flat tire repair page for more details.

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To ensure even wear so tires perform correctly and last longer, Les Schwab will rotate car and light truck tires purchased from us free of charge for the life of the tires. Tire rotation is the practice of periodically swapping your tires and wheels around on the four corners of the vehicle, which promotes equal wear.

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If you feel tire vibration, hit a pothole or other road hazard, notice uneven tire wear, or detect a difference in your vehicle’s ride or handling, your tires may be out of balance. We will rebalance your Les Schwab tires free of charge for the life of your tires—and guarantee the work.

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Proper tire air pressure is crucial for safe driving and the best gas and tire mileage. Tires commonly lose one to two pounds of pressure a month, depending on the weather. Les Schwab will check your air pressure and inflate tires as needed free of charge, for the life of your Les Schwab tires.

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Trusted, World-Class Service

Pride in Performance

Beginning with our first tire store in 1952, we’ve based our success on great customer and employee programs. Now, over 60 years later, the long tenure of our work force and the loyalty of our customers show we’ve gotten it right. Everyone at Les Schwab takes pride in doing the job right the first time. In turn, our customers appreciate the great value and world-class service they get, so they keep coming back.

Hundreds of Locations to Serve You

When you purchase from Les Schwab, you’re doing business with the West’s largest independent tire company. Wherever you travel from the Rockies to the coast, you’re never far from one of our tire stores—or the road services you count on us to deliver.

Free Peace of Mind Tire Protection

Even when you do your best to prevent it, tire damage or failure sometimes happens. It can be from hitting debris, nails, wood, potholes, or other hazards in the road, or from the occasional manufacturer’s defect. Your Les Schwab Warranty comes with the following free services and assurances, to keep you safer on the road and cover uncertainties.

If your tire is damaged beyond repair due to a road hazard, we’ll refund you the remaining value of the tire, or apply this amount towards the purchase of a new tire.

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We’ll check your tire wear, air pressure, visual alignment, shock/struts, brakes and battery free of charge, any time.

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All new Les Schwab tires are covered by our free tire workmanship and material protection program. This means if anything goes wrong with your tire due to defects in manufacturing or materials, we’ll replace it or give you cash or credit for the tire’s value, for the life of the tire.

Value-Added Free Services

ServicesLes SchwabOthers
Tire DisposalFreeOften Charge
Flat RepairsFreeSometimes Charge
Tire RotationsFreeSometimes Charge
Tire-RebalancingFreeSometimes Charge
Road Hazard ProtectionFreeSome Limit Time (or Charge)
Air ChecksFreeFree
Pre-Trip Safety ChecksFreeUsually Do Not Offer
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