Les Schwab Stores’ Generosity Makes Field Trip Possible

Field trips are valuable to teachers and students.

“As a teacher, if I get to see them experience what they are learning, that is the most rewarding part of my job,” said Christine Donley, August Knodt Elementary school teacher.

The good news: the school’s fourth-grade class had plans to visit Sacramento as part of their coursework on California history. All 75 students anticipated taking the bus to visit Sutter’s Fort, the California State Indian Museum and the California State Capitol. The bad news: this was going to cost $1,400 the Stockton, Calif., school didn’t have.

Then the managers of the Lodi and Stockton, Calif., Les Schwab stores stepped up. Gary Holm, Matt Buchmann and John Burgess donated the funds and the field trip was back on schedule.

“When I told the kids we were finally able to go, they were ecstatic! Les Schwab made this trip possible,” said Donley.

The Lodi and Stockton communities have been supportive of Les Schwab over the years and the store managers were honored to repay just a little bit of that back and help encourage students’ love of learning and to celebrate California’s history.

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