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Wheel weights in a tray.

Wheel & Tire Balancing,
the Right Way

Wheel & Tire Balancing,
the Right Way

Like a tune-up for your wheel-tire set, balancing evenly distributes the combined weight of each tire and wheel assembly. When everything is in balance, you’ll get a smooth ride with less vibration coming through the steering wheel and floorboard. Plus, it will help prevent uneven tire wear for added tire life and fuel economy.

Balancing vs. Alignments

When your wheel-tire sets are balanced, it minimizes vibrations. In contrast, an alignment ensures all of your wheels are pointing in the same direction.

Lifetime Guarantee

We balance the wheel-tire assembly with every new set of Les Schwab tires. Then rebalance them for free for the life of those tires.

It’s Easy to Get Out of Balance

Everyday driving can cause your wheel-tire assembly to get out of whack. A quick trip to Les Schwab can bring balance back to your ride.


Added Tire Tread Life

Uneven and faster tread wear can happen when a wheel-tire set is out of balance — even by half an ounce.

More MPG

Proper weight balancing keeps you rolling smoothly for maximum fuel efficiency and less drag.

Less Vehicle Wear and Tear

When unaddressed, vibrations from an unbalanced wheel-tire assembly can wear on your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems.