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Closeup of a Niche wheel on a Nissan car.

Wheels, the Right Way

Wheels, the Right Way

The style and finish on a set of custom wheels can dramatically change the look of your car or truck. Start your search now or visit your local Les Schwab and look for the Wheel Discovery Center. With it, you can see what specific wheels would look like on your vehicle.


Free Wheel Consultation

With a full selection of wheels, we’ll help you get the look you want.

Wheel Rebalancing

Give your wheel-tire set a tune-up for longer-lasting performance.

Wheel Alignment

Come see us if your wheels seem out of whack.

Powder Coating

We offer in-house sandblasting/powder coating services.


Wheel Care

We carry wheels careproducts to keep them looking their best.

Wheel Accessories

Get center caps, lug wrenches and more for your new wheels.

Winter Wheels

Buying winter tires? Get wheels that are approved for winter use.


There’s more to wheels and rims than just their looks. Different wheel types offer different benefits. Learn more about the differences between aluminum and steel wheels here.


Consider wheels made from other materials, such as magnesium or carbon fiber.


Aluminum wheels — also known as alloy wheels — provide a balance of cost, aesthetics and gas mileage.


Made with an alloy of iron and carbon, steel wheels are heavier, durable and easier to repair.


We carry the most common wheel finishes. Learn about the differences between aluminum and steel wheels here.


Slightly shaved and subtly grooved for a semi-glossy metallic sheen.


Shiny and showy — this is the classic, mirror-reflective wheel style.


Hand- or machine-polished with a buffer for an ultra smooth surface.


Match your vehicle’s color or go for an eye-catching two-tone look.

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Our Best Wheel Value Promise

Everything we do, we do to earn your trust. This includes giving you a best-in-business warranty.

  • FREE one-year replacement program (covering wheels that fail due to materials/workmanship defects)
  • FREE rebalancing for your wheel and tire combination (original installation only)
  • FREE retourquing of lugnuts at anytime to specifications
  • FREE safety inspections
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World-Class Employees

It’s easy to stand by our workmanship when we have hard-working employees who love doing what they do.

  • We take pride in doing the job right the first time
  • Well-trained employees — we only promote from within
  • Many of our employees have been with us for decades
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