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A pair of Les Schwab employees checking a vehicle's breaks while it sits on a post lift

Brake Service Done RIght

Brake Service Done Right

Come in for a free visual brake inspection. Our service professionals will take a look and tell you exactly what they find. If your brakes don’t need any work, they’ll let you know and send you on your way. If your brakes do need some attention and service, they’ll show you all of your options along with a cost estimate. Skip the lines and schedule your time today.

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Free Visual Brake Checks

Our pros provide you with a detailed look at your brakes and any repairs that may be needed to keep you safe on the road.
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Complete Brake Servicing and Replacement

Our technicians are professionally trained to inspect, repair, and replace your brakes. That includes antilock, power, parking, disc, and drum brakes.
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Brake Fluid Exchange

Heat, moisture, grit, and dust can affect brake fluid and your overall braking performance. Getting that fluid replaced every few years can help add safety to your outings.
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The Right Approach To Brakes

We go the extra mile to ensure your brakes work when you need them most. While other shops might do the bare minimum and replace only worn-out brake pads, we service the full system. To ensure your safety and satisfaction, that includes quality parts, expert installation, and a look at other components that may affect braking performance.


Your brake system has a lot of moving parts. Our experts perform thorough inspections, ensuring you get the most from every repair.


We take brakes seriously, servicing more than just the brake pads to help reduce the risk of other problems down the road.


Our technicians only use premium-grade parts and the latest equipment to get your brakes done right.

When to Check Your Brakes

Like other car maintenance, your brakes require periodic inspections, repairs, and replacements. See our 8 Signs You Could Have Brake Problems to identify any potential issues and why you should have yours inspected regularly (ideally, each year). Not sure when yours were last inspected? Get to Les Schwab. Our professionally trained service technicians are experts when it comes to disc and drum brake assemblies, as well as other types of brakes, components, and fluids.

Diagram showing where the brake pads and caliper assembly are located.
Brake Service Pricing

Start With the Correct Information

Many factors affect the cost of brake service, including the parts that need to be replaced and your vehicle make and model. A thorough inspection is necessary to provide a cost estimate.

Get a Detailed Cost Estimate

We’ll inspect your brakes for free, take time to explain what we find, what’s needed to get them working properly, and provide a printed estimate.

Les Schwab Financing Available

Applying for credit is easy and simple. There are no annual fees or hidden costs. Learn more.

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We Take Your Safety Seriously
Every Time You Stop By

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Our Best Brake Value Promise

If we can’t guarantee it, we won’t sell or service it. Because everything we do is done to earn your trust and keep you and your family safe. That includes a best-in-the-business warranty at no extra cost.

  • FREE visual brake inspections
  • Warranty covers both parts and labor
  • Honored at every Les Schwab location
  • Same-day service and repairs are available in most cases

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