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When it comes to vehicle safety, nothing is more critical than maintaining your brakes in good working order. Same-day brake service and repairs, done right the first time, are only part of the job for Les Schwab technicians. They’ll explain what needs to be serviced and why, in terms you’ll understand.

Free Brake Checks And Repair Estimates

A thorough inspection is always our first step in giving the right advice on what’s wrong with your brakes. We start here because

  • every vehicle’s brakes wear differently,
  • there are many reasons a brake system may not be working properly, and
  • cost estimates on brake jobs aren’t accurate without an inspection.

Following the inspection—free for most vehicles—we provide a free estimate on any recommended repairs. You know the true costs involved before having your car worked on.

Give us a call to find out more, or stop in at the nearest Les Schwab Tire Center.

Disc Brake Repair and Services

  • Install quality brake pads and remanufactured calipers
  • Resurface rotors
  • Replace brake fluid
  • Repack wheel bearings and install new front seals (when serviceable)
  • Adjust brake components
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Drum Brake Repair and Services

  • Install new brake shoes
  • Install new wheel cylinders
  • Replace drum hardware
  • Resurface drums
  • Adjust parking brake
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Brake Videos

Play If your brakes are starting to grind, squeal, pulse, grab, or feel squishy or soft, it’s time for us to talk. You probably know that Les Schwab is the largest independent tire dealer in the West, but did you know we’re also one of the largest brake providers as well. When it comes to vehicle safety, nothing is more critical than your brakes. If you’re experiencing any kind of brake problems, know that letting these problems go too long is not only dangerous, but could also cause more damage to your braking system and even other parts of your car, ultimately costing you even more to fix. For your brakes to work properly, you have to maintain the entire braking system. Depending on driving style and driving environment, brakes will wear at different rates, and there are many reasons why a brake system may not work as designed. So, regardless of what you may see or hear, no one can give you a proper and accurate cost estimate unless they do a thorough inspection of your brakes. At Les Schwab, we not only inspect your brakes for free, but we also take the time, if there is a problem, to explain the current condition of your vehicle, and what work will be required to get your brake system working properly. On top of that, we always provide you with a free written estimate up front, so you can make an informed decision regarding your vehicle’s brake maintenance. Be sure and ask about it. Should work need to be done, you’ll find only professionally trained technicians inspecting and servicing your brake system, with the most advanced diagnostic and service equipment in the industry. Our complete brake service inspects, repairs, and adjusts your braking system for ultimate peace of mind. Les Schwab Tires uses only professional grade parts, and as always we back our work with the industry’s best warranty, covered at over 425 stores across the West. How can we offer such an unbeatable warranty? Because we know, that when we service your brake system it’s done right, no shortcuts, no second-rate parts, no untrained labor. You won’t find a more complete brake system service for a better price. We guarantee it, and we can usually do your brakes the same day without an appointment. Wanna learn more? Just ask one of our helpful service professionals. Thanks for watching, and thanks again for making Les Schwab your tire and brakes store.
Maintaining your brakes for improved safety.
Maintaining your brakes for improved safety.
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