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Hauling & Towing Options

Hauling & Towing Options

Safety, load ratings, and proper load management, as well as suspension enhancements, go hand-in-hand. The experts at Les Schwab can help you choose the right set of trailer tires, upgraded shocks, and other accessories and get them installed before you hit the road.

Air Bags

Enhance your vehicle’s original suspension to keep your truck or SUV level or flat when hauling. Available in single or dual-path systems.

Helper Springs

Stay in control and manage heavier loads with extra support for your tow vehicle.

Trailer and Truck Tires

Boost your safety and performance with the right trailer and truck tires designed to meet load ratings.

Electric Trailer Brakes

To keep you safe on the road, we service and replace electric trailer brakes.

Upgraded Shocks and Struts

Maintain contact between your tires and the road, and achieve optimal traction with responsive shocks and struts.


From analog and wireless air bag compressors to hitches, and suspension enhancements, we have the options you need.


Load Management

Easily shift from full to empty loads and adapt to new hauling and towing needs with the right load management system.

Load Stabilization

Achieve towing stability on the highway and maintain control in adverse road or weather conditions.

Weight Distribution

Experience more effective handling and braking by evenly distributing the weight of whatever you’re hauling or towing.


The right equipment and installation can make hauling and towing easier on your vehicle, trailer, and your personal state of mind. Take the stress out of your next transportation journey at Les Schwab. We’ll double-check everything we install to help you get the most life from your truck and trailer tires as well as enjoy a safer ride, no matter how your load needs or weekend plans continually change.

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Our Best Suspension Value Promise

Everything we do, we do to earn your trust. This includes giving you a best-in-the-business warranty.

  • Warranty covers both parts and labor
  • Your choice of replacement or refund of original purchase
  • 3 years or 36,000 mile warranty
  • Best-in-the-Business Warranties