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Tire Services

The pros at Les Schwab take your tires seriously. Whether you’ve got a flat, your air pressure is low, or you’re changing to a set of seasonal tires, we’ll get it done right. With the Les Schwab Tire Warranty, you’ll get our no-hassle road hazard protection, a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, and free tire maintenance including flat repairs, rotations, rebalancing, and air checks at any Les Schwab location.

Flat Tire Repair

Slow leaks? Flats? We fix repairable tires for most vehicles.

Tire Rotation

Come in every 5K miles to help your tire tread last as long as possible.

Tire Balancing

Even a slight imbalance can cause your vehicle to vibrate.

Tire Pressure Check & Reset

The tire pressure monitoring system can trigger a dashboard warning light.

Seasonal Changeovers

When you’re ready to swap your winter/summer tires, we’re here for you.

Wheel Alignment

Tires wearing unevenly? Get a free, no-hassle, visual alignment check.

Free Services

We offer a long list of free services, from air checks to visual brake inspections. Our service professionals can help you get the most from every mile, including a Free Pre-Trip Safety Check.

Free Pre-Trip Safety Check

We’ll do a visual inspection of your tires, brakes, suspension, battery and more.

Free Brake Check & Consultation

We’ll inspect your brake system and provide a free estimate if any work is needed.

Free Visual Alignment Check

Our professionals will give your alignment a free visual inspection, including looking for uneven treadwear.

Free Battery Check

A dead battery can leave you stranded. Come by for a free battery check.

Free Shock/Strut/Suspension Check

If you’re feeling more of the road than you’d like, come in for a free inspection.

Free Wiper Blade Check

Streaked windshields are hazardous. Get our premium wipers for safer driving.

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