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Looking for performance tires?

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Looking for performance tires?

We can help!

Performance Tires at Les Schwab

If you want your car to perform at its maximum capacity, you need the tires for it. For summer tires, performance tires, or sport tires, visit your local Les Schwab Tire Center. We’re experts when it comes to outfitting a vehicle, and we’ll make sure you’re driving with precision, safety, and speed.

High and Ultra-High Performance Tires

Choosing excellent tires is one of the most rewarding modifications you can make to a vehicle. In order to translate the power of your engine to the road, you need tires that hug the surface and keep you safe at the same time. Ultra-high performance “sport tires” are wider and smoother than regular tires, allowing more surface area to come in contact with the road, which means more control around curves, a higher threshold for speed, and a shorter stopping distance.

If you are a sports car or race car owner, look for tires with a high speed rating. “Z-rated tires” are rated for speeds in excess of 149 mph, and include V, W, and Y ratings. Learn more about speed ratings.

Summer Tires

Summer tires are also often referred to as performance tires. Summer tires are designed for fair-weather roads. If your area experiences extremely mild winters and long, dry summers, summer tires might be a good choice year round. If your climate is more seasonal, summer performance tires will need to be swapped out when the seasons change.

Summer tires get better gas mileage than all-season tires and typically offer improved handling. If you’re trying to decide between summer and all-season tires, read our blog post.

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