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Winter snow tires on a snow covered car

Winter Tires

Winter Tires

If you’re driving in snow, ice, and temperatures lower than 40 degrees, swap out your tires with studded or studless winter tires to make sure you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature brings.

Better Grip on Ice

Winter tires are made of special rubber compounds that grip the road even in freezing temperatures.

Better Snow Performance

Winter tires have sipes that create biting edges that grip in snowy, slushy and icy road conditions.

Improved Winter Handling

In slick road conditions, winter tires deliver better control, improved traction, and shorter stopping distances.

A Les Schwab employee installing all-season tires

All-Season Tires

All-Season Tires

Unless you live where the climate is mild all-year long, all-season tires present a great option for spring, summer, fall, and even during mild winters, too.

Made for Unpredictable Weather

Capably handles light snow or freezing rain in the fall and spring better than performance tires.

Experience Better Gripping on Average

Gives everyday drivers and daily commuters solid traction in a wide variety of conditions.

Get More Miles Out of Your Tires

Symmetrical designs allow for more rotation options, which can extend the life of the tread.

Car with summer tires installed

Summer Tires

Summer Tires

If you own a sports car or a luxury SUV, summer tires, also known as performance tires, should be right up your alley.

Perform Better in Rain

Summer tires tend to contain sticky additives for improved road grip in wet conditions.

Perform Better in Heat

Summer tires are generally stiff enough to keep rolling resistance to a minimum on hot asphalt.

Perform Better When Cornering

Shallower, straighter grooves plus solid continuous ribs help improve contact with the road.

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