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    We designed our credit plans to be simple and straightforward for our customers. Now, our online application process makes it even more convenient. Contact your local Les Schwab for more details.

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    No Annual Fee Multiple Plans Low APR
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    Les Schwab Credit has a fixed rate of 18.0% APR (0.04931% daily periodic rate) and a minimum finance charge of $0.50 or %18.0 APR, whichever is greater, on average daily balances over $10.00. Terms & Conditions

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
      • Credit is offered at all of our more than 495 stores located across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, California, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and even Alaska.

      • Usually. Please speak with the store manager if you have Les Schwab credit and would like to increase or decrease your limit.

      • Yes. Your Les Schwab credit account is assigned to a specific store location, but you may use your account at any Les Schwab location as needed.