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America’s Best Tire Warranty
Included with every tire purchase. America's Best Tire Warranty: No extra cost or certificates. 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, No-Hassle Road Hazard Protection, Free Tire Maintenance.

Hauling a large travel trailer or other heavy loads takes a special type of tire for your truck or SUV. Highway tires from Les Schwab are designed to keep you in control on the pavement while offering a quiet ride.

Highway tires are an exceptionally smooth and durable option for your truck, SUV or Crossover. With an all-season rating, you can confidently tackle long road trips or your daily commute in any weather condition, including some light snow. While highway tires are a great option in most conditions, if you live in an area that gets some severe weather, it can still be a good idea to swap to a winter-specific tire for extra traction.

Advanced rubber compounds and solid outer shoulders round out the list of benefits a set of highway tires can bring to anyone driving the interstate or looking for extra stability with a trailer in tow.

Learn about Les Schwab specialty tires for nearly anything that rolls here.


    While run-flat tires are built to stay rigid when deflated, they still take damage the farther you drive after a puncture. With the reinforced sidewalls on run-flat tires, it’s possible to drive upwards of 50 miles at no more than 50 MPH when deflated. However, driving far can damage the tire beyond repair.

    HT (highway tires) are designed for daily commutes and highway driving.

    HT tires often feature a higher load range (ply rating) and added stability thanks to a solid outer rib or shoulder. This may allow for heavier loads and larger trailers. Check your load range requirements before hauling a heavy trailer.

    Higher load ranges (ply ratings) as well as a solid outer rib or shoulder, give highway tires increased durability and stability.

    Most of today’s SUVs and light trucks come standard with a set of HT tires. The professionals at Les Schwab can show you all the options for your vehicle.

    The circumferential grooves, semi-closed shoulders, and reduced space between tread blocks all work together to reduce road noise and increase comfort.

The Les Schwab Difference

Les Schwab sells only the best tires available. When you’re looking for the right tires for your car, truck, or SUV, Les Schwab is here to make sure you get what you need to stay safe on the road. That includes wheels, batteries, brakes, alignment as well as shocks and struts.

Our stores are more than just tire shops. Les Schwab Tire Centers are local establishments and resource centers with strong community roots. Our tire technicians understand the requirements of your local climate and road conditions. They also bring a careful knowledge of every vehicle type and size.

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America’s Best Tire Warranty

Everything we do, we do to earn your trust. That includes the Les Schwab Tire Warranty that doesn’t cost extra, lasts for the life of your tires, and is honored at more than 550 Les Schwab locations.

  • No Extra Cost or Certificates
  • 100% Road Hazard Damage Replacement with No Expiration
  • Exchange Your Tires if You’re Not Completely Satisfied
  • FREE Flat Repairs, Rotations, Rebalancing, and Air Pressure Checks
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World-Class Employees

Our hard-working employees love doing what they do. That’s why it’s easy to stand by our workmanship.

  • We take pride in doing the job right the first time
  • Well-trained employees — we only promote from within
  • Many of our employees have been with us for decades
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