Pinza HT

Pinza HTPinza HT, , hi-res
Pinza HTPinza HT, , hi-res
Pinza HTPinza HT, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Pinza HTPinza HT, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Pinza HTPinza HT, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Pinza HTPinza HT, , hi-res

Tread patterns may vary based on tire size.

Pinza HT

Included with every tire purchase. America's Best Tire Warranty: No extra cost or certificates. 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, No-Hassle Road Hazard Protection, Free Tire Maintenance.

Pinza HT

Built for SUVs, crossovers, trucks, and premium vehicles, Pinza highway tires (HT) offer year-round capabilities and an incredible 70,000-mile warranty (50,000 for LT sizes). While the warranty is great, these tires are built for exceptional grip in dry and wet conditions in addition to light traction in the snow. They also reduce hydroplaning, and deliver a quiet, comfortable, and capable ride. Pinza HT tires are a terrific value, delivering freedom and function with every mile.

To achieve excellent grip in nearly any weather, Pinza HT tires have specially designed evacuation grooves and a high traction compound with performance-enhancing materials for shorter braking distances. The optimized pitch sequence keeps things quiet and comfortable, even on rougher roads. And with the Pinza HT 3D sipes, wide tread patterns, optimal block shape, and a four-channel symmetric layout, you’ll look forward to the miles ahead.

Pinza HT

Size Load Index Speed Rating
215/70R-16 100 H
225/65R-17 102 H
LT225/75R-16/10 115 R
235/65R-16/10C 121 R
235/65R-18 106 T
235/70R-16XL 109 T
235/75R-15XL 109 T
LT235/80R-17/10 120 R
LT235/85R-16/10 120 S
245/50R-20 102 H
245/55R-19 103 H
245/60R-18 105 H
245/65R-17 107 T
245/70R-17 110 T
LT245/70R-17/10 119 R
245/75R-16 111 T
LT245/75R-16/10 120 R
LT245/75R-17/10 121 S
255/50R-19XL 107 H
255/50R-20XL 109 H
255/55R-20XL 110 H
255/60R-19 109 H
255/65R-18 111 T
255/70R-17 112 T
255/70R-18 113 T
265/50R-20 107 H
265/60R-18 110 T
LT265/60R-20/10 121 S
265/65R-17 112 T
265/65R-18 114 T
265/70R-16 112 T
265/70R-17 115 T
LT265/70R-17/10 121 R
265/70R-18 116 T
LT265/75R-16/10 123 R
275/55R-20 113 T
275/60R-20 115 T
275/65R-18 116 T
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