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Construction Tires to
Keep You Building

Construction Tires to Keep You Building

Les Schwab has the products and services you need, no matter where the next job takes you throughout the West. That includes on-site services and special applications.

Special Applications

You face mud, sand, snow, hardpack, and more. Chains, rubber tracks, and tire ballasts from Les Schwab can make a big difference.

On-Site Mobile Service

Installing, maintaining, replacing, and repairing heavy equipment tires and tracks at your job site. We do batteries too.

Coverage Where You Need It

With more than 545 stores across the West, coupled with over 1500 service trucks, we provide immediate service wherever work takes you.


Loader, Scraper & Haul Truck Tires

Keep your fleet going, from road building to quarry work.

Industrial Rubber Tracks

Servicing everything from walk-behinds and mini excavators to skid steer loaders.

Skid Steer & Backhoe Tires

We have solutions for every application, from pneumatic to solids.

Miscellaneous Tires

Tires for everything, including wheelbarrows to tool carts.

Grader Tires & Reach Booms

Get what you need to keep scraping, plowing, lifting, and working.

Commercial Wheels

Large or small, we deliver loader wheel parts and components. We can also do custom builds.


Providing application-specific retreads with numerous tread designs and compounds.

Commercial Batteries

If it takes a battery, we’ve got it. That includes generators, trailers, loaders, and excavators.

Wheel Powder Coating

Protecting steel and aluminum wheels with standard or custom colors to match your fleet.

Tire Chains

Chains to fit any application, with traction and tire protection in any weather.

Commercial tire cutaway that shows the interior filled with flatproofing product and bolts.

Benefits of Flatproofing

Benefits of Flatproofing

Flatproofing prevents sudden deflation, which can cause unstable conditions. The Les Schwab team can show you all the benefits, including how flat-proofing eliminates the leaks that can occur with a liquid ballast.

Extended Tire Life

Tires that never go flat last longer, and keep your fleet running strong in the toughest applications.

Save Money

We’ll help you cut costs with longer tire life, reduced downtime caused by flats, and less need for expensive backup equipment.

Stay on Schedule

Eliminate work delays due to flat tire downtime. Flatproofing tires keep you rolling, even when punctured. That includes damage to the sidewall.

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Commercial Credit Plans

Commercial Credit Plans

At Les Schwab, we understand the importance of cash flow for construction companies like yours. Our credit programs can be tailored to your needs.


For business inquiries about our fleet and commercial tire services, contact us Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time. All inquiries will be responded to during business hours (Pacific Time).

For business inquiries about our fleet and commercial tire services, contact us Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time.

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