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Windshield Wiper Replacement

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Time and weather will chew away at your wiper blades. Over time, those old blades can begin to streak, squeak, skip, and split, making it hard to see the road. To improve the safety of your daily drive, Les Schwab does free wiper blade checks. If you need a wiper replacement, we have plenty in stock. We’ll even install them at no extra charge.

Free Wiper Checks

Our professionals will check your blades for weather and sun damage.

Free Installation

Get your perfect-fit wiper blades installed right the first time.

Free Wiper Checks

Our professionals will check your blades for weather and sun damage.

Quality Blades and Free Installation

Les Schwab carries wiper blades that fit your vehicle. That includes front and rear wiper blades that check all the boxes for style, efficiency, aerodynamics, noise, and compatibility.

Time to Replace Your Blades?

Even if you rarely use your windshield wipers, new blades can be the difference between clarity and uncertainty. Once a month, spray a decent amount of wiper fluid and run your blades a few times. Do you see any of these signs of worn blades?


Windshield wiper blade skipping

Windshield wiper blade splitting

Windshield wiper blade streaking

Windshield wiper blade squeaking


Wiper Blade FAQs

    Get your wipers replaced at least once a year or sooner as needed. If your wipers are chattering, skipping, leaving streaks, or making loud noises, get to Les Schwab for a wiper check.

    If you’re having a hard time seeing the road ahead, or out your back window (if you have a wiper on the back), it could be time to replace your windshield wipers.

    Wiper blades vary by the make and model of the vehicle. Les Schwab has a special original manufacturer’s guide that ensures a perfect fit.

    While rubber wiper blades can be less expensive, they do wear out faster than the latest in silicone wiper blade technology.

    The cost of windshield wipers varies by the make and model of the vehicle. To help you save money, Les Schwab installs wiper blades for free.

    When you buy wipers from Les Schwab, our trained professionals install them for free. But you are welcome to install your Les Schwab wiper blades at home.

    Les Schwab wiper blades are specially designed to perfectly fit most cars and trucks. Additionally, everything we sell and install comes with a Les Schwab satisfaction guarantee.

    Yes. Les Schwab carries a huge selection of wiper blades to ensure the ones you need are in stock and ready for free installation.