Your Guide to Spring Car & Tire Maintenance

Winter driving can take a toll on your vehicle. Cold temperatures, ice, snow, and potholes can cause damage to tires, bring your car out of alignment, and affect other safety features on your vehicle. As temperatures warm up, give these springtime car and tire maintenance tips a try. They could help you get more life out of your tires and add safety to your next adventure.

Quality Services to Keep You Safe

Before your next road trip, get your car, truck, SUV, or CUV ready with a Les Schwab pre-trip safety check. We’ll visually inspect your tires and wheels, as well as your steering, battery, brakes, suspension and alignment. Plus, when you choose Les Schwab tires, you’ll get a long list of free safety services.

  • FREE flat repairs for the life of your tires
  • FREE rotations (recommended every 5,000 miles)
  • FREE rebalancing of your Les Schwab tires
  • FREE tire replacement of your Les Schwab tires with our workmanship and material protection program
  • FREE battery and charging system checks
  • FREE air checks
Schedule an Appointment at Your Local Les Schwab

As spring and summertime weather arrives, you’re going to get the urge for a road trip. Schedule a free pre-trip safety check at Les Schwab first. We’ll do a visual inspection of some of your vehicle’s most important safety features, show you what we find, and share our professional opinion.

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