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Why Use Retreads?

Why Use Retreads?

Since most of the cost of a new tire is in the casing, retreading saves you money with every mile. Bottom line, retreads are a fraction of the cost of new tires. Beyond that, retreading gives you more tread options to meet your specific needs. On the green side of things, retreads reduce waste in landfills.

Marangoni® Ringtread

The Ringtread system provides a spliceless retread that matches the original curvature of the casings reducing rolling resistance, and features exceptional appearance, performance, and traction.


Les Schwab offers precure retreads that apply vulcanized tread rubber to a processed tire casing. This reconditions the tire for second or third use.

SmartWay Verified Tread Designs

Les Schwab carries a complete selection of SmartWay approved retreads to keep your fleet rolling and your budget in check.

Quality Control

We conduct in-house quality control plant inspections, system monitoring, as well as rubber and random retread testing.


Les Schwab utilizes the latest proven retreading technology including Matteuzzi buffers and AZ Extruders.


The Les Schwab barcode system helps track tires through the entire retreading process, providing quality control and continuous improvement.

Regional & Longhaul

Les Schwab has the retread tire options to meet your needs and keep your business rolling.

On/Off Road

We offer retreads with cut and chip resistant compounds for your on- and off-road needs.


Retreads tailored to your construction and demolition job sites with cut and chip resistant compounds.

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Off-Road Retreading

Off-Road Retreading

Les Schwab has a long list of retread products and services for your off-the-road needs. That includes advanced tire repair to eliminate premature tire loss, whether you’re leveling land, building a subdivision, or mining.


Les Schwab offers industry-leading retreads for non-marking and slicks with numerous tread designs and compounds.


We have solutions for every application, from pneumatic to solids for your skid steer and backhoe.

Pivot Irrigation

Retreads designed specifically for your pivots. Ask our team how retreading can boost your bottom line.


Rubber compounds that meet today’s mining applications, whether you’re above or below the earth’s surface.

Quarry Work

Keep your fleet going, from road building to quarry work with application-specific retreads, designs, and compounds.

Skid Steer & Backhoe Tires

Get the retreads you need, no matter where the next job takes you. That includes on-site services and special applications.

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Commercial Credit Plans

Commercial Credit Plans

We understand the importance of cash flow for your business. That’s why we offer a wide selection of credit programs tailored to your needs.


For business inquiries about our fleet and commercial tire services, contact us Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time. All inquiries will be responded to during business hours (Pacific Time).

For business inquiries about our fleet and commercial tire services, contact us Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time.

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Our Best Retread Tire Value Promise

Everything we do, we do to earn your trust. This includes giving you a best-in-the-business warranty.

  • On and Off Road Policy: Full workmanship and material defect warranty for the life of the original tread. Prorated on remaining tread depth, down to 2/32" tread remaining or casing value, whichever is greater.
  • Retread Policy: All steel belted radial truck tire casings have a warranty against workmanship and material defects in our casings.