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Les Schwab Has Tires for Your Electric Vehicle

Plugging in instead of pulling up to the pump has its advantages. Today’s electric vehicles (EVs) are low maintenance, fun to drive, and promote a green future without spending too much green. But you still need tires. Les Schwab carries the specialized tires you need for your EV. That includes all-season tires, off-road options, winter tires, and tires specially designed for e-powered performance.

Support the Extra Weight

Higher load index tires can support the weight of today’s EVs.

Your Range My Vary

The size of your tires can affect your range (miles per charge).

Durability Matters

The right tires will offer a higher load index to support the extra weight.

Quiet, Please!

You want tires designed to reduce road noise for an even quieter ride.

Get Aerodynamic

Narrower tires and thicker sidewalls can improve range.

Get a Grip

All-season, off-road, and winter traction tires are available.

Tires for Your EV

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Electric Vehicle Tires FAQs

Learn what you need to know about EV-appropriate tires at Les Schwab.

Q: Do Electric Vehicles Need Special Tires?
The right tires for EVs have a lower rolling resistance for added range and higher load index to support the added weight. Additionally, EV-appropriate tires help with overall performance thanks to specialized tread and rubber compounds. This same tread, along with a tire foam insert (found in some tires) can also reduce road noise and improve ride comfort.

Q: Can EVs Use Regular Tires?
Yes, as long as the tires have a higher load index to withstand the heavier loads and instant torque. Additionally, tires that meet or exceed your EV’s original equipment (OE) specifications are often designed to minimize road noise and help you enjoy a smooth, quiet ride.

Q: Do tires last as long for EVs as they do for other vehicles?
As with larger SUVs and trucks, the number of miles you get from a set of tires on an EV may be reduced when compared to lighter passenger vehicles.

Q: What Tire/Wheel Services Do We Offer For Electric Vehicles?
The Les Schwab pros can help you pick the appropriate tires for your EV. We’ll show you all of the options, including size and compatibility, range expectations, traction and grip, as well as noise, comfort, and price.

Q: Do Les Schwab Stores Have Any Charging Stations?
As more Americans buy and drive EV vehicles, charging stations will appear in more communities and Les Schwab locations.

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Our Best Tire Value Promise

At Les Schwab, every purchase of car, SUV, or light truck tires comes with a tire warranty plus free services that give more for your money. Our warranty, among the industry’s best, is good at any of our more than 520 Les Schwab stores.

  • FREE Lifetime Tire and Mileage Care
  • FREE Peace of Mind Tire Protection
  • Trusted, World-Class Service
  • Value-Added FREE Services
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World-Class Employees

Our hard-working employees love doing what they do. That’s why it’s easy to stand by our workmanship.

  • We take pride in doing the job right the first time
  • Well-trained employees — we only promote from within
  • Many of our employees have been with us for decades
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