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Compact car with lowered suspension on side of road

Why Lower Your Vehicle?

Why Lower Your Vehicle?

Lowering your car or truck isn’t only about aesthetics and lifestyle. It’s also about performance. At Les Schwab, we have the right suspension lowering solution to help you achieve the look you want and the performance you need to enhance your daily commute or tackle your favorite, winding road. Depending on what you drive, that could include anything from new shackles, to coil springs, as well as shocks and struts.

Better Performance?

You’ll get better road control, and acceleration around every corner and straightaway.

Better Handling?

Lowering can improve response and take away body roll to enhance cornering.

Customized Look?

Get rid of the fender gap and go custom with a wheel and tire package that matches your suspension.


Street Performance

Our suspension lowering solutions give your vehicle a more aggressive profile, visual appeal, and performance handling.

Make It Your Own

Stand out in the crowd and get the personalized look you’ve always wanted for your car or truck.


When you’re seeking higher performance, a little lowering can offer a lot of benefits. The pros at Les Schwab can help you decide how low you should go to get the best results without causing uneven or accelerated tire wear and avoid rubbing parts. When you choose Les Schwab, we won’t simply lower your ride and send you on your way. We’ll ensure your safety and a job done right by realigning your vehicle a few miles down the road.

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Our Best Suspension Value Promise

Everything we do, we do to earn your trust. This includes giving you a best-in-the-business warranty.

  • Warranty covers both parts and labor
  • Your choice of replacement or refund of original purchase
  • 3 years or 36,000 mile warranty
  • Best-in-the-Business Warranties