Setting Herself and Her Team up for Success

Rachel Thompson is a senior scholar-athlete and setter for the varsity volleyball team at Benson Polytechnic High School. As a setter, she has to take control and lead the team; the position is usually compared to that of a quarterback in football, requiring a person to communicate well and make decisions.

But Rachel isn’t just a team leader, she’s also a team player:

“Honestly, the best part of my day is coming to practice and playing with my girls,” Rachel said. “I love every single individual on my team. At this point we’re a family, and nothing could break that bond. Being able to see all of my sisters for those 2.5 hours of the day genuinely makes me happy and keeps me going. This team in is my blood. They may not know it, but they mean the world to me.”

The team’s grade point average is high, because nothing but the best is expected of them on and off of the court. Rachel says that playing on the volleyball team pushes her to rise above and makes her want to be the best player and person she can be.

In addition to prepping her homework and classwork ahead of time, so she can devote more of her attention to her sport when she competes, Rachel has one surprising strategy for getting her game on.

“When it comes to right before the game, I usually listen to music. My teammates don’t even know this, but my No. 1 pre-game song to listen to is the Prelude to Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1. It’s so weird to listen to classical music to pump up, I know! But it helps calm me and keeps me focused on the game ahead.”

We can relate to a team that sets high standards for itself. Go, Techsters!

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