Does My Vehicle Need an Alignment?

Why Your Alignment Is Important

When someone is talking about their vehicle’s alignment, they are referring to the direction that each of the four wheels is facing. Your vehicle is in alignment when all four wheels are pointed the same direction and contacting the road at the proper angle. When you’re out of alignment, your tires can wear out faster, your car or truck might pull to one side or wander, your stability will be affected, and your fuel economy could be impacted.

Les Schwab Tip: Because symptoms can be tough to spot, we recommend you have your alignment checked twice per year.

How Your Vehicle Gets Out of Alignment

Dirt roads, bumpy highways, potholes, as well as hitting curbs and speed bumps can throw your vehicle out of alignment. Additionally, alignment issues will happen slowly over time due to normal wear and tear. To quickly analyze your car’s alignment, ask yourself these questions during your next drive.

  • Does your car or truck pull to one side when driving?
  • Is your steering wheel turned slightly to one side when driving straight?
  • When you come out of a turn, do you need to bring your car back to the center position?
  • Do you fight your steering wheel when traveling at highway speeds?
  • Do you have excessive wear on the inside or outside of one or more of your tires?

Answering yes to any of the above could mean your car or truck needs an alignment. However, because alignment issues can be tough to spot, it’s a good idea to have yours checked twice per year.

We’ll Check Your Alignment for Free

The pros at your local Les Schwab can take a look at your vehicle’s suspension and alignment components and let you know if you need any repairs. If everything is okay, it won’t cost you a thing. But if you do need an alignment, we’ll tell you what it will cost, give you a time estimate, and send you home with a stable ride and a Les Schwab warranty.

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