Winter Driving Tips: Getting Real-time Road Conditions

People always want to talk about the weather. Not because it’s interesting, but because it has a huge impact on our daily lives. Especially if you’re driving in it. Lucky for all of us, technology has made predicting what the weather will do, and how to prepare for it, a lot easier.

Know what’s happening right now. Here in the west, we know the weather can change things. Current road condition resources are available with web cameras, current conditions, chain requirements, and extended forecasts.

Get your local forecast. AccuWeather offers a free hyperlocal app for Apple or Android devices. What is hyperlocal? It means you get a forecast based on your exact location.

Weather happens in the country too. That’s why the Weather Underground app for Apple and Android devices was created. Download it and get up-to-the-minute forecasts and information in your neck of the woods.

Plan Ahead in Any Weather

It’s probably no surprise that a lot of auto crashes happen in bad weather. Over 1.2 million of them a year. And almost half occur in the rain. You can avoid joining club fender bender by slowing down, especially on wet pavement and snow-covered roadways.

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