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Two Les Schwab technicians inspecting a car’s battery in a garage

Batteries for What You Drive

Batteries for What You Drive

Les Schwab has one of the biggest and best selections of quality batteries in the West, along with car battery replacement service. We’ve been installing and maintaining batteries for decades. Whether it’s a car or truck, motorcycle, RV, marine craft (boat), or equipment for the farm or job site, we have the battery you need.

Car/Light Truck/SUV

We carry all-purpose battery options for today’s new, off-road, and high-performance vehicles, with up to a 7-year guarantee.


Designed to withstand vibrations and extra punishment while still delivering the right amount of power.


Reliability starts at Les Schwab, from lawn and garden, to tractor, farm, commercial, and golf cart batteries.

Two Les Schwab technicians inspecting a car’s battery in a garage

Battery Services, The Right Way

Battery Services, The Right Way

Les Schwab is one of the largest providers of batteries in the West, with batteries for nearly everything you drive. We can help you get the right battery for your needs, including cars, boats, tractors, and specialty equipment.

Free Battery Charging

We recharge most passenger vehicle batteries that are in good condition for free. No appointment necessary.

Free Battery Check

Specially-trained staff uses the latest testing equipment to determine your battery’s current state of health.

Battery Installation

Anti-corrosion maintenance is included, plus we recycle 98-99% of the old battery.

warranty seal

Our Best Battery Value Promise

We offer some of the best warranties anywhere, with most of our batteries warrantied for many years beyond industry standards. In some cases, you’re covered for more than three times as long — up to seven years. You’ll also receive additional Les Schwab value-added services with every battery purchase.

  • FREE Auto Battery and Charging System Inspections
  • FREE Battery Warranty
  • FREE Battery Charging
  • Best-in-the-Business Warranties


  • There are many factors that determine the lifespan of a battery, including when your current battery was installed, how often you drive, and where you live. You might not even notice your battery is going dead until it’s too late. Stop by Les Schwab annually to get ahead of any battery problems.

  • Let the professionals at Les Schwab help you choose and install the right battery for your vehicle and needs. Our team of pros uses the latest battery-installation techniques and technology. Our installation comes with free anti-corrosion maintenance and recycling of your old battery.

  • High heat can force some fluid out of the battery vents in the form of a gas. This causes a chemical reaction with the lead and other materials on the battery terminals in the form of corrosion. About half of premature battery failures are caused by loss of battery fluid, reducing efficiency.

  • Yes, cleaning corrosion off the top of your battery once a year can help maintain proper connectivity between the battery and your terminals. Before cleaning your battery and terminals, remember that corrosion is caustic. Always wear gloves and proper eye protection. To remove the corrosion, mix some baking soda in water. Then use a toothbrush to gently scrub the battery terminals and cable clamps with the mixture.

  • Les Schwab offers free battery visual inspections, electronic battery testing, and charging.