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Les Schwab
Affiliated Member Dealers

As Of February 2024

Alan Brown Tire Center, Inc.

Armstrong Enterprises, Inc.

Bend South Tire Center, LLC

Bird Tire & Auto Corporation

Bob Dickman Tire Center, Inc.

Brown’s Tire Company, Inc.

Camerons’ Partnerships, Inc.
dba Lauren Young Tire Ctr

Coates Incorporated
dba Price Tire Center

Dennis Wessels, Inc.

George And Jesse’s Les Schwab Tire Store, Inc.

Gratteri’s Inc.

Gratteri’s Tire and Accessories, Inc.

Gunderson’s Associated Tire Centers, Inc.

Harper’s Bitterroot Valley Tire Center, Inc.

J.B.’s Tire And Automotive, Inc.

J.B.’s Tire, Inc.

J & V Investment Co., Inc.
dba Mike Stephenson Tire

Jerry Wessels Tire Center, Inc.

Kevin Axelgard
dba Dinosaur Tire Service, Inc.

Lauren Young Tire Center, Inc.

Lew Bros Tire Center, Inc.

Magic Valley Tire of Rupert, Inc.

Magic Valley Tire of Paul, Inc.

Mark Smith Tire Center, Inc.

McCall Tire Center, Inc.

McCall Tire Center of Seaside, Inc.

Neils & Joe’s O.K. Tire, Inc.

RSH, Inc.
dba Curran Tire Center

Shaub-Ellison Co.

Skagit Valley Commercial Investment Co., Inc.
dba Westside Tire

Steve Wheeler Tire Center, Inc.

T. J. Tire, Inc.

TKL Corporation

Taylor Tire Center, Inc.