• Lyft Drivers Rewards Program

    Lyft Drivers Rewards Program

    Lyft drivers receive a special 5-10% discount* on products and services. Contact your local Les Schwab for details.

    • Tires
    • Tire Rotations
    • Alignments
    • Batteries
    • Brakes
    • Shocks
    • Suspensions
    • Lyft Vehicle Inspection

    *Eligibility for discounts will be verified at each Les Schwab location via your Lyft Driver app or vehicle stickers.

    Best Tire Value Promise®

    Free Peace of Mind Tire Protection

    We give Lyft drivers more for their money. When you purchase tires from Les Schwab, you receive a world-class warranty and extensive list of services — all at no additional charge.

    Lyft drivers can get service when and where it’s convenient. We don’t require appointments, so you can swing by any Les Schwab without having to adjust your schedule or route.

    Free Lifetime Tire & Mileage Care
    • FREE Flat Tire Repairs
    • FREE Air Pressure Checks
    • FREE Safety Checks
    • FREE Visual Alignment Checks
    • FREE Visual Brake Checks
    • FREE Battery Checks
    • FREE Battery Recharging
    • FREE Tire Replacement, for Damaged Tires That Qualify

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