P ZEROP ZERO, , hi-res
P ZEROP ZERO, , hi-res
P ZEROP ZERO, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed P ZEROP ZERO, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed P ZEROP ZERO, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed P ZEROP ZERO, , hi-res

Tread patterns may vary based on tire size.


  • Summer
  • Size: 225/35R-19XL
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P ZERO™ tires are a favorite among owners of luxury sports cars, crossovers and SUVs who want dependable performance, comfort, and a quiet ride. With three wide grooves running along the tread, P ZEROs are designed to keep you in control, even in the rain. And P ZEROs provide exceptional contact with the road, delivering incredible control and braking.

For added safety, P ZERO tires are equipped with run-flat technology. If air pressure is suddenly lost, the sidewalls of these tires are constructed to remain stiff and drivable for about 50 miles at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. That should give you enough time to stop by a local Les Schwab for a repair or replacement.
Tread patterns may vary based on application.

Speed Rating:
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  • FREE Flat Tire Repair$20 per service
  • FREE Tire Rotation$27 (every 5k miles)
  • FREE Tire Rebalancing$17 per Tire
  • FREE Tire Replacement$118 Value
  • FREE Pre-trip Safety Check$60 Value
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