Winter Driving Tips: Traction Tires & Snow Chains

If you’ve ever faced a winter storm from the driver’s seat of your vehicle, you know it can get a little tense. Especially when it’s icy, snowy, or pouring down rain. You might not be able to avoid winter, but you can be ready for your trip over the mountain or across town.

Traction is Your Friend

A good set of tires is essential for winter driving, whatever the weather. Heading into some serious conditions, like ice and snow? A set of snow chains can help keep you on the road instead of waiting for a tow truck.

Adding snow tires to your vehicle is an option. These include studded and studless options for the snow and ice, as well as siping for added grip in heavy rain. Get the full scoop on how to choose winter tires.

Get to know snow chains. Winter weather can be unpredictable and we want you to be prepared and safe wherever you're driving. Before the harsh weather hits, get a pair of correctly fitting tire chains for your vehicle and practice installing them in a warm garage. You can check out our quick tutorial. If you purchase your tire chains from Les Schwab and they sit in your trunk all season without being used, bring them back with proof of purchase to any of our locations in the spring and we'll issue you a full refund.

Drive Smart in Any Weather

Traction tires and devices are a good idea, whether you’re taking the family up to the slopes or driving home from work. And so is smart driving. Whatever the conditions, give yourself plenty of room to stop. When the pavement is wet, put at least 120 feet between you and the next car or truck. On snow, give yourself 180 feet. And if there’s ice on the road, get really generous with 600 feet of stopping distance. You’ll be glad you did.