Wintrac Pro

Wintrac ProWintrac Pro, , hi-res
Wintrac ProWintrac Pro, , hi-res
Wintrac ProWintrac Pro, , hi-res
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Main Product Image Zoomed Wintrac ProWintrac Pro, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Wintrac ProWintrac Pro, , hi-res

Tread patterns may vary based on tire size.

Wintrac Pro

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Wintrac Pro

Take control of winter roads and icy conditions with Wintrac Pro tires designed for high-powered performance vehicles. These tires offer confident control on winter roads, including wet and dry conditions. Based on internal testing, Wintrac Pro tires offer excellent handling in the snow and enhanced braking on wet roads. To achieve optimized handling in the snow, the Wintrac Pro features sharp-angled center grooves and shoulder sipes. Longitudinal grooves and sipes help with traction and acceleration, while lateral grooves add handling performance. The oval-shaped footprint found in the Wintrac Pro keeps more of your tires in contact with the road by moving water away from the tires. Specialized speed ratings available for many sizes and vehicles.

Wintrac Pro

Size Load Index Speed Rating
205/40R-18 86 V
205/45R-17 88 V
205/50R-17 93 V
205/55R-17 95 V
215/40R-17 87 V
215/45R-18 93 V
215/45R-20 95 H
215/50R-17 95 V
215/50R-18 92 V
215/55R-17 98 V
215/55R-18 99 V
215/60R-17 96 H
215/65R-17 99 V
225/35R-19 88 W
225/40R-18 92 W
225/40R-19 93 Y
225/45R-18 95 W
225/45R-19 96 V
225/50R-17 98 V
225/50R-18 99 V
225/55R-17 101 V
225/60R-17 103 H
225/60R-18XL 104 V
235/35R-19 91 Y
235/35R-20 92 Y
235/40R-18 95 W
235/40R-19 96 W
235/45R-17 97 V
235/45R-19 99 V
235/45R-20 100 V
235/50R-18 101 V
235/50R-19 103 V
235/55R-17 103 V
235/55R-19XL 105 V
235/60R-18XL 107 H
245/35R-19 93 Y
245/35R-20 95 Y
245/35R-21 96 Y
245/40R-18 97 W
245/40R-19 98 W
245/40R-20 99 Y
245/45R-17 99 V
245/45R-18 100 V
245/45R-19 102 W
245/45R-20 103 V
245/45R-21 104 W
245/50R-18 104 V
245/50R-20XL 105 V
255/35R-19 96 Y
255/35R-20 97 W
255/35R-21 98 Y
255/40R-18 99 Y
255/40R-19XL 100 V
255/40R-20 101 Y
255/40R-21 102 V
255/40R-22 103 V
255/45R-20 105 V
255/50R-19 107 V
255/50R-20 109 V
255/55R-18 109 V
255/55R-19 111 V
255/55R-20 110 V
255/60R-18 112 V
265/35R-22 102 Y
265/40R-21 105 Y
265/40R-22 106 Y
265/45R-20 108 V
265/45R-21 108 W
265/60R-18 114 H
275/35R-19 100 W
275/35R-20 102 Y
275/35R-22 104 Y
275/40R-19 105 W
275/40R-20 106 V
275/40R-21 107 W
275/40R-22 108 V
275/45R-20 110 V
275/45R-21 110 V
275/50R-20 113 W
285/40R-21 109 V
285/40R-22 110 W
285/45R-19 111 V
285/45R-20 112 W
285/45R-21 113 W
295/35R-21 107 Y
295/40R-20 110 V
305/35R-21 109 Y
305/40R-20 112 V
315/35R-21 111 W
315/40R-21 115 V
325/35R-22 114 Y
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