Pinza AT

Pinza ATPinza AT, , hi-res
Pinza ATPinza AT, , hi-res
Pinza ATPinza AT, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Pinza ATPinza AT, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Pinza ATPinza AT, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Pinza ATPinza AT, , hi-res

Tread patterns may vary based on tire size.

Pinza AT

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Pinza AT

In Italian, Pinza means plier or gripper. These tires grip the ground, just as their name implies. The Pinza AT is specially built for exceptional on-road performance and light-duty off-road excursions with a rugged tread design that looks like it could conquer anything, all while delivering a quiet ride. You’ll feel the power, grip, and control in every turn and along every mile, even in the toughest weather conditions.

These tires are built with leading-compounds and materials designed for performance. 3-ply construction ensures durability, while five iterations of polymer development provide outstanding wet weather stability with full depth interlocking sipes. Thanks to a wider tread pattern and increased tread stiffness, these tires evacuate water fast, while the groove multi-pitch technology reduces road noise. Looking for durability? You’ll get it with high tensile steel belts and cut-and-chip resistant compounds.

Pinza AT

Size Load Index Speed Rating
30/950R-15/6 104 S
31/1050R-15/6 109 S
215/70R-16 100 H
215/75R-15 100 T
LT215/85R-16/10 115 R
225/70R-16 103 H
225/75R-15 102 T
225/75R-16 104 T
LT225/75R-16/10 115 R
235/65R-17 104 H
235/70R-16 106 H
LT235/75R-15/6 104 S
235/75R-15XL 109 T
235/75R-17 109 T
LT235/80R-17/10 120 R
LT235/85R-16/10 120 R
245/65R-17XL 111 T
245/70R-16 111 T
245/70R-17 110 T
LT245/70R-17/10 119 S
245/75R-16XL 115 T
LT245/75R-16/10 120 S
LT245/75R-17/10 121 S
255/70R-16 111 T
255/70R-18 113 T
265/60R-18 110 H
265/65R-17 112 H
265/65R-18 114 T
265/70R-16 112 T
265/70R-17 115 T
LT265/70R-17/10 121 R
265/70R-18 116 T
LT265/70R-18/10 124 R
265/75R-16 116 T
LT265/75R-16/10 123 R
275/55R-20XL 117 H
275/60R-20 115 H
275/65R-18 116 T
LT275/65R-18/10 123 S
LT275/70R-18/10 125 S
LT285/55R-20/10 122 S
LT285/65R-18/10 125 S
LT295/55R-20/10 123 R
LT305/55R-20/10 121 S
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