Road Control 2

Road Control 2Road Control 2, , hi-res
Road Control 2Road Control 2, , hi-res
Road Control 2Road Control 2, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Road Control 2Road Control 2, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Road Control 2Road Control 2, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Road Control 2Road Control 2, , hi-res

Tread patterns may vary based on tire size.

Road Control 2

  • All-Season
  • Size: 185/65R-15
  • Warranty: 70,000 miles
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Road Control 2

Road Control 2 all-season tires are built to last and fit your budget thanks to a 70,000-mile warranty and a price that’s hard to beat. Beyond what you’d expect from a well-rounded, all-season tire, Road Control 2 features an innovative tread design that dampens noise and keeps you in control in any weather.

To reduce hydroplaning and add stability on wet roads, these tires feature 3D siping. Plus, the new profile of these tires helps them wear more evenly for a longer tread life. And the new silica compound helps keep you in control on wet roads. Whether you’re driving to work or heading out for a weekend away, these are the perfect all-season tires for today’s passenger vehicles.

Load Index:
Speed Rating:
Load Range:

Road Control 2

Size Load Index Speed Rating UTQG
185/60R-15 84 T 680AA
185/65R-15 88 H 680AA
195/60R-15 88 H 680AA
195/65R-15 91 H 680AA
205/50R-17XL 93 V 680AA
205/55R-16 91 V 680AA
205/60R-16 92 V 680AA
205/65R-15 94 H 680AA
205/65R-16 95 H 680AA
215/45R-17XL 91 V 680AA
215/50R-17XL 95 V 680AA
215/55R-16XL 97 H 680AA
215/55R-17 94 V 680AA
215/60R-16 95 V 680AA
215/65R-17 99 T 680AA
225/45R-17 91 V 680AA
225/45R-18XL 95 V 680AA
225/50R-17XL 98 V 680AA
225/55R-17 97 V 680AA
225/55R-18 98 H 680AA
225/60R-16 98 H 680AA
225/60R-17 99 H 680AA
225/65R-16 100 H 680AA
225/65R-17 102 H 680AA
235/40R-19XL 96 V 680AA
235/45R-18 94 V 680AA
235/50R-17 96 V 680AA
235/50R-18 97 V 680AA
235/55R-17 99 H 680AA
235/55R-18XL 104 V 680AA
235/65R-16 103 T 680AA
235/65R-17 104 H 680AA
245/45R-18XL 100 V 680AA
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Installed Price
Installed Price Single Tire Set of 4 Tires
Road Control 2 Tire (185/65R-15) $118.99 $475.96
Valve Stem / TPMS Rebuild Service+ $7.99 $31.96
Tire Disposal fee $2.99 $11.96
Applicable Federal, State and Local Taxes and Fees $12.41 $49.64
Wheel Spin Balance $16.99 $67.96
Total*** $159.37 $637.48
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