Should I Get My Vehicle’s Suspension Checked?

Proper Suspension Matters

Every car and truck is suspended by a combination of springs, shocks, and struts. Just look behind any of your four wheels and you’ll see these hard-working parts that move up and down, up to 1,900 times every mile. By the time you put 50,000 miles on your vehicle, those parts will have done their job 75-million times.

Even though they get a lot of use, just visually inspecting them doesn’t always tell you if one or all of the parts of your suspension need to be replaced.

Your Suspension Keeps You Safe

The combination of springs, shocks, and struts keep your tires on the road. That’s a good thing when you’re taking a sharp turn, heading down a steep hill, driving on rough roads, or stopping to avoid an accident. When your suspension is worn, it can also cause added wear to other parts of your vehicle, including your tires.

Quick Test for Your Suspension

Take a short drive and check off any of the following that applies to your vehicle.

  • Do you feel your vehicle sway or roll around corners? In other words, do you worry that your vehicle might roll over if you took a corner too sharp?
  • Does the front end of your vehicle dive down when you brake?
  • Does it bounce excessively when you stop suddenly?
  • When you’re on rough roads, do you feel your car bounce or slide?
  • When you go over a speed bump, does your vehicle bottom out?
  • Can you feel a lot of vibrations through your steering wheel?

If you check any of the boxes above, it’s probably time to get your vehicle into Les Schwab. Our pros will inspect your whole suspension, let you know if anything needs to be replaced, and give you a complete estimate. You’ll also get our Best Alignment and Suspension Value limited warranty that covers your repairs for 36 months or 36,000 miles.

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