Choosing the Right Off-Road Tires

Throughout the West, adventure is continually calling those with SUVs, crossovers, and trucks to explore and tackle the great outdoors. Whether you’re into mudding, overlanding, rock crawling, or winding your way along miles of back-country gravel roads, choosing the right set of tires starts by understanding what they’re designed to tackle.

The Basics of AT and MT Tires

AT (All-Terrain) and MT (Mud-Terrain) tires have a lot of similarities, but each are specially designed for different terrains. AT tires are far more aggressive than HT (Highway Tires), but provide less traction in mud and off-road driving than a set of MT tires. MT tires give you traction in extreme off-road conditions, including dirt, mud, gravel, and rock.

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Why Choose All-Terrain (AT) Tires

The right set of AT tires can add a rugged appearance to just about any SUV or light truck. Beyond good looks, durability, and dependability for your daily commute, you also get more space between lugs and open shoulders for increased traction, including rain and winter weather conditions. And because the tread blocks are varied, AT tires are often quieter on highways and city streets than MT tires.

The Bottom Line: If you don’t plan on navigating anything worse than a rutted gravel road or sandy beach on your weekend hike or camping trip, AT tires could be your best fit.

AT Benefits
  • More aggressive looks
  • All-weather traction, including wet and winter conditions
  • Long tread life
  • Durability

Start With These All-Terrain Tires

Digging Into Mud-Terrain (MT) Tires

MT tires are designed for extreme off-road conditions. The key here is the term “off-road.” These things were first invented by the U.S. military, which means they can take you almost anywhere. The tires are created with a tread pattern that utilizes huge spaces between the tread lugs and open-shoulder design to give you increased traction. Plus, MT tires give any vehicle a rugged, aggressive look, whether your vehicle is lifted or already offers plenty of clearance.

The Bottom Line: If your outdoor adventures have you facing mud, dirt, gravel, hardpack, rock, and other extreme off-road conditions, Mud-Terrain (MT) tires should be your first choice.

MT Benefits
  • Aggressive looks
  • Maximum durability for rough terrain
  • Ultimate traction in mud, dirt, rocks, and gravel

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Should You Get Four or Five Tires

A rugged and tough set of AT and MT tires can take you almost anywhere, but flats still happen. That’s why it’s important to have a full-size, AT or MT spare along for the ride. That way you can get back home without help from a friend or rescue rig.

Get the Right Tires for Your Adventures

We’ll show you all of your options, help you decide between All-Terrain (AT) and Mud-Terrain (MT) tires, and send you off to plan your first outing of the season. Stop by today or schedule your appointment now and we’ll block out some time just for you.

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