Open Country M/T

Open Country M/TOpen Country M/T, , hi-res
Open Country M/TOpen Country M/T, , hi-res
Open Country M/TOpen Country M/T, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Open Country M/TOpen Country M/T, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Open Country M/TOpen Country M/T, , hi-res
Main Product Image Zoomed Open Country M/TOpen Country M/T, , hi-res

Tread patterns may vary based on tire size.

Open Country M/T

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Open Country M/T

The Open Country M/T is a top-of-the-line light truck/SUV tire for superior traction on mud, pavement, snow or rocks — and when there are no roads at all. An aggressive-footprint tire with deep siping, it delivers excellent wet traction, higher load-carrying capacity and extra ground clearance. Multiangle tread blocks deliver grip in all directions. An open tread pattern improves loose surface grip by clearing out debris, slush and water. The over-the-shoulder tread delivers forward traction in mud and snow and improves handling in turns.

Truck enthusiasts will be impressed with the Open Country M/T’s excellent tread life and low noise in such an aggressive traction tire. Owners say this versatile tire outperforms all others in its class on rocks, mud, sand, gravel and hard pack. They love it as a long-lasting workhorse that’s worth every penny.

Open Country M/T

Size Load Index Speed Rating
31/1050R-15/6 109 Q
33/1050R-15/6 114 P
33/1250R-15/6 108 P
33/1250R-17/10 120 Q
33/1250R-18/10 118 Q
33/1250R-18/12 122 Q
33/1250R-20/12 119 Q
33/1250R-22/10 109 Q
33/1250R-22/12 114 Q
33/1350R-15/6 109 Q
35/1250R-17/10 125 Q
35/1250R-18/12 128 Q
35/1250R-20/10 121 Q
35/1250R-20/12 125 Q
35/1250R-22/10 117 Q
35/1250R-22/12 121 Q
35/1350R-15/6 114 Q
35/1350R-20/12 126 Q
37/1250R-20/10 126 Q
37/1250R-22/12 127 Q
37/1350R-17/10 131 Q
37/1350R-18/8 124 Q
37/1350R-20/10 127 Q
37/1350R-22/10 123 Q
37/1350R-24/10 120 Q
37/1450R-15/6 120 Q
38/1350R-18/8 126 Q
38/1350R-20/8 124 Q
38/1550R-18/8 128 Q
38/1550R-20/8 125 Q
40/1350R-17/6 121 Q
40/1550R-20/8 130 Q
40/1550R-22/8 127 Q
40/1550R-24/10 128 P
LT235/85R-16/10 120 P
LT245/75R-16/10 120 P
LT255/75R-17/6 111 Q
LT255/85R-16/10 123 P
LT265/70R-17/10 121 P
LT265/75R-16/10 123 P
LT275/55R-20/8 115 P
LT275/65R-18/10 123 P
LT275/65R-20/10 126 P
LT275/70R-18/10 125 P
LT285/70R-17/10 121 P
LT285/70R-18/10 127 Q
LT285/75R-16/10 126 P
LT285/75R-17/10 121 P
LT285/75R-18/10 129 P
LT295/55R-20/10 123 P
LT295/60R-20/10 126 P
LT295/65R-20/10 129 P
LT295/70R-17/10 128 P
LT295/70R-18/10 129 P
LT305/55R-20/12 125 Q
LT305/70R-16/10 124 P
LT315/60R-20/10 125 Q
LT315/70R-17/10 121 Q
LT315/70R-18/10 127 Q
LT315/75R-16/10 127 Q
LT325/50R-22/10 122 Q
LT385/70R-16/8 130 Q
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