Do You Know How to Drive If Your Tire Goes Flat?

When a tire goes flat or completely comes apart while you’re driving at highway speed, you can catch even the most experienced driver off guard.

Here’s what to do if it happens to you, along with a checklist for preventing flats.

Survive a Flat Tire on the Road

How Can You Prevent Flat Tires?

Avoid tire failure by following these easy tips.

  1. Check tire pressure monthly, including the spare.

  2. Slow down if you have to drive over a pothole or other object in the road.

  3. Don’t run over curbs or other foreign objects in the roadway, and try not to hit or rub the curb when parking.

  4. Inspect tires for uneven wear patterns on the tread, cracks, foreign objects, or other signs of wear or trauma.

  5. Remove any stones, bits of glass or other foreign objects wedged in the tread.

  6. Make sure your tire valves have caps.

  7. When carrying heavy loads, you should be extra careful about proper tire pressure. Overloading and low tire pressure can cause a tire to overheat, leading to tire failure.

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