Is a Road Hazard Warranty Worth It?

When it’s time for a new set of tires for your car or light truck, dealerships as well as some tire shops offer road hazard warranties or coverage for an added charge. At Les Schwab, our tires come with a Best Tire Value Promise and other money-saving services you don’t pay extra for. Before you buy a road hazard warranty, coverage, or insurance from some other tire company, let’s take a look at what those warranties cover and if they’re worth it.

What is Road Hazard Protection?

The tires on your vehicle connect you with the road and can make every outing a bit safer. They also encounter plenty of debris and other hazards. Now and then, you could end up with a flat or damaged tire.

Road hazard warranties protect your tire investment similar to a warranty for a new laptop or smartphone. If you get a flat tire, or if the tread or sidewall are damaged due to regular use within a specified amount of time or a certain number of miles, the protection plan might cover or prorate the cost of replacement tires based on the unused tread. This warranty can also come with flat repairs and other services to prolong the life of the tires. .

Is a Road Hazard Protection/Warranty Worth It?

When road hazard protection comes standard with your new tires, it’s a great deal. The peace of mind that comes with that protection is invaluable, even if you never use the service or get a flat.

But remember, not all road hazard warranties are created equal. Some will only repair a flat due to a nail or other specific debris. That often leaves out potholes and other road hazards.

Let’s say you buy tires from a big-box chain, and those tires do not come with a road hazard warranty. If you get a flat, you’ll end up paying anywhere from $25 to $50 for the repair — if the tire is repairable. If that’s the only flat you get during the life of those tires, then paying $100 for a warranty isn’t a good deal.

Does Les Schwab Offer Road Hazard Protection?

We’re proud to stand behind everything we sell and install with free services and our Best Tire Value Promise. From nails to potholes as well as manufacturer defects, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing tire damage is covered from various causes. This means we’ll repair or replace your covered tires for the remaining value under the terms of our warranty.

In short, every tire we sell comes with a warranty that includes tire rotations, flat repair, and replacement if necessary. If a tire can’t be fixed after reaching 25% of its lifetime wear, we’ll apply the value of the unused tread to a new tire or a refund. Or, if a tire is damaged beyond repair before reaching 25% of its lifetime wear, we’ll replace it for free ¹ ² — even if your tires are 20 years old.

The Benefits of Our Coverage

Buying tires at Les Schwab means you’re prepared for anything the road can throw your way. If you get a flat, we’ll repair it. If your tires are defective, we’ll replace them. Plus, we’ll help you extend the life of your tires with a long list of free services, including free rotations, free air-pressure checks, and more. All of these freebies don’t cost you a thing at Les Schwab.

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¹ All savings scenarios assume a set of four Road Control 205/65R-16 passenger tires with a 65,000-mile warranty and 12 total rotations.
² All savings scenarios assume a set of four Back Country 225/70R-16 Light Truck/SUV tires with a 55,000-mile warranty and 10 total rotations.