Tire Size Calculator: What Size Tires Should You Get?

If you’re considering swapping out your tires for a different size and want a sense of what might work for your vehicle, use our tire size calculator.

How to Figure Out Tire Size

Our tire size calculator converts metric measurements to inches so you can easily compare the diameter, width, sidewall, circumference and revolutions per mile. It will also tell you the difference in tire speed between your comparison tires.

As a general rule, you want replacement tires that are within 3 percent of the diameter (height) measurement of your existing tires’ diameter — assuming your current tires are what your owner’s manual recommends.

A Note on Accuracy

Our tire size calculator is for general comparison purposes only. We don’t recommend that you base sizing or purchase decisions on the calculator alone. A tire’s true physical size can vary from the dimensions provided by the tire manufacturer, and this tool does not take into account other important application factors like load index and speed rating. These calculations (and those provided by all online tire dimension calculators) don’t account for these variations. The way to be sure your tires are the right fit is to ask your local Les Schwab pro.

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