Where to Buy Tires in 2024 and Beyond

We’ve all heard the term, where the rubber meets the road. Regardless of the deep meaning behind it, that saying also describes why, after thousands of miles, tires eventually need to be replaced. New tires can improve your handling, gas mileage, and braking. But where should you buy your next set of tires?

When you stop by any Les Schwab, you’ll get more than expert advice and a great deal. You’ll also get our best-in-the-industry warranty, free installation, and a long list of free services. We know this may seem biased, but here’s why Les Schwab is the best place to go.

What Makes Les Schwab the Best Place to Buy Tires

When you buy your tires here, our experts help you pick the right size and tire type for your needs, whether you’re looking for winter tires, performance tires, mud tires, or all-seasons. You also get a long list of free services as part of our Best Tire Value Promise®. While some places might charge extra for a similar warranty, at Les Schwab, it’s part of doing business.

Those value-added services include free tire rotations, free balancing, free flat tire repair, free air pressure checks, and free replacements for covered tires due to workmanship issues or material defects.

The Les Schwab Best Tire Value Promise® is provided for free with every set of new tires we sell. It’s part of our World Class Customer Service, which we take seriously. After all, we’ve been doing the right thing since 1952. That’s why we also do brakes, alignment, suspensions, steering, and install new batteries. From Colorado to the West Coast, you’re never far from one of over 500 of our stores – or the road services we deliver. We even offer free tire mounting and tire disposal when you buy your new tires at Les Schwab.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Buy Tires

Tires don’t wait for a specific time of year to wear out. That’s why the right time of the year to buy tires is when you need them. Our car tire experts can show you all of your options and help you find the perfect mix of performance, technology, and price to keep you safe on the road and work with your budget.

What Is the Best Tire for the Money

The best tire for the money depends on what you drive, where you drive, and how much you drive. Sales and special offers come and go, but we suggest starting your search online, including lesschwab.com. However, beware of shopping the discount places. You might save a few bucks, but you also run the risk of getting the wrong tire for your driving needs. Plus, if you purchase from an online-only retailer, you’ll need to find someone to mount the tires you bought online. Then there is the issue of warranty and service after the sale. And where do you go when you get a flat or need to make a return?

Find a Les Schwab Near You

Finding a tire dealer near you is as easy as looking for a Les Schwab store in your neighborhood. When you choose Les Schwab, you’ll find experts who understand tires, wheels, batteries, alignments, and brake repair. You also discover world-class customer service and people who care about your safety on the road.

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