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Tire Chains

Feel a little more confident driving this winter with a set of tire chains. Stop by your local Les Schwab and our technicians will help you get the right set of chains for your vehicle.

Tire chains are available in different sizes with easy-on, easy-off and built-in tightening devices. We also have specialized chains for trailers, off-roading, limited clearance and extreme weather conditions.

Here’s why you should consider tire chains:

  • Snow traction: Chains bite into deep snow, slush and ice so you can navigate the winter roads more efficiently and maintain braking better than with only winter tires.
  • Easy on, easy off: Today’s tire chains - especially Quick Fit snow chains - are much simpler to put on and take off. Consider a practice run before you have to “chain up” in a high-traffic situation. Watch this helpful video on “How to Install Snow Chains.”
  • State chain requirements: Some states with mountainous regions require drivers to have snow chains on hand in case of snow emergencies. Check out the chain laws for they vary from state to state.


Features and Benefits

  • Simple to put on and take off
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Built in tightening device
Quick Fit Chains Tire


Features and Benefits

  • Larger size options
  • Ideal for off-road use
  • All-steel construction
Quick Fit Chains Tire

Didn’t Use Them?

No worries; return your tire chains for a full refund. Les Schwab Tire Centers accept all unused chains after the last legal date for studded tires. Being prepared has never been so affordable.

See our tire chain warranty here.

Chain Videos

Play Tire chains, not something most people like dealing with, but when you need them, they can be an absolute lifesaver. In the past, putting on tire chains could be a hassle, but with the advent of Quick Fit™ chains from Les Schwab, getting the traction you need for tough winter driving is almost as easy as tying your shoes. Got a moment? Let us show you how. Step 1: Unroll the chain, lay it on the ground, untangle, and ensure the hook ends are facing the ground. Push the yellow end of the cable and chains behind the tire, grabbing it with your other hand. Pull the two ends over the top of the tire and fasten them together. 2: Grab the chains on either side of the tire and pull them together toward the center of the tire. Hook the red fastener into one of the links. Make the fit as snug as you can. Having extra links is okay. Now, push the cable to the back of the tire, positioning the chains loosely over the tread. 3: At the bottom of the tire is a red fastener and draw chain. Pull them both toward you so there’s no slack. Feed the red draw chain around the opening on the fastener. Pull it tight, and lock a link into the notch on the fastener. 4: Feed the rubber end of the draw chain through the red rings. Stretch it tightly, and hook it onto a link in the side chain. You may not be able to use both red rings depending on your tire size, but you should try to whenever possible. The most important thing is that the chain stays tight against the tire tread. To get the best fit, drive the vehicle forward at least 15 feet. Then stop and re-tighten the draw chain on each tire. That’s it, you’re done. Here are a few additional tips for installing chains. Always make sure you’re carrying the proper chain size for your tires. Les Schwab will ensure you get the right size for your vehicle, you just need to make sure the chains we provide you are the chains you carry in your vehicle. This is especially important if you have multiple vehicles. You may even want to label your chains with the make and model of the car they’re sized for. Now that you’ve seen this video demonstration, take the time to put your own chains on in the relative ease of your garage or driveway. That way, you’ll be able to confidently install them in any condition while on the road. When you see it’s time to put your chains on, find a spot where you could pull safely off the road to install them. Tire chains can break, especially if you use them on bare pavement. If that happens, stop as soon as it’s safe to do so, and secure the broken chain to avoid damaging your vehicle. Try using a piece of wire or a short bungee cord to tie down the loose links until you can bring it to a Les Schwab Tire Center for repair. With proper use and care, your tire chains can last for many seasons of winter driving. Here’s how you can extend the life of your chains. When driving with your chains, avoid going over 30 miles per hour. When braking, try to avoid locking the wheels. When starting, try not to spin your wheels from a full stop. Chains are designed to get you through packed snow and slush, so you should try to avoid driving with your chains on bare pavement. And when parking, give yourself a little extra room so you don’t break your chains by hitting the curb. With the right fit and proper installation, tire chains can help you navigate the nastiest winter roads, so you can get where you’re going safe and sound. A Les Schwab exclusive is our Tire Chain Return Policy. If you don’t use our chains, return them in the spring for a full cash refund. Wanna learn more? Just ask one of our helpful service professionals. Thanks for watching, and thanks again for making Les Schwab your tire store.
How do I install tire chains?
How do I install tire chains?

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